Here you will see our current and future projects for Earth. Note, some are 10-20 year goals while others may be 1-2 year goals. Some “goals” are simply things I’m interested in as a hobby, or I want to do science projects to learn new things, and some will be to build and re-sell to help fund my other projects.

Some goals are more sustainable or realistic than others, but there is no reason to not have huge goals in life. If the links are not clickable, that means I have not yet updated that part of the site. You may also need to register, confirm the email (in spam or inbox) then come back and login to see parts of this site.

Which project do you want to see?

Earth Mini Communities
Peace City
Prepper City
Tesla City

other projects: (coming soon)
Feed the hungry.
Make tiny homes to sell.
Invent Time Machine.
Invent Free Energy Device.
Build an earthhome.
Build a greenhouse.
Build a flying car.
Build a windmill.
Build a solar panel.
Build an electric vehicle.
Do drone deliveries.
Build autonomous vehicle.
Do autonomous vehicle deliveries.

(others coming soon)