Mars Constitution & Laws

This page will be updated constantly and may evolve or change dramatically day by day.
Many of the constitution and law entries will come from the votes of the citizens and will be updated here accordingly.

1. All citizens have the right to have a weapon for their own personal protection while inside any of “our” Mars cities city limits, and city-owned habitats and structures, as long as:

A. The citizen goes through a mandatory safety class no less than 1 hour long, at least once per year period, and passes the class. This class must be renewed yearly as continued education. This safety class will cover ALL weapon types and is required even before carrying guns, knives, laser guns, even less-than-lethal devices or even sticks.
B. The citizen goes through a mandatory target practicing class, if they are using a weapon that fires a projectile of any type. This class must be no less than 1 hour, must be renewed yearly as continued education. This includes guns, bows & arrows, lasers and tazers.
C. The citizen cannot carry within the city-owned habitats or structures, any weapon capable of shooting such a projectile that could intentionally or accidentally puncture the external wall of any of our Mars city habitat walls. They ARE able to carry within the city limits, as long as it is OUTSIDE city-own structures. The city-owned entry points is the only city-owned structure that it IS allowed in.
This is ONLY within the city-owned habitats & structures due to the potential catastrophic damage that can result in 1 simple accidental discharge.
d. Any citizen that lives in their own habitat that is independently sealed away from the official Mars city’s sealed structures will be able to legally own or possess any “gun” capable of firing any type of projectile even if it has a capability of penetrating habitat walls intentionally or accidentally.
E. The person must be 16 years old or older. (may change to 18).
F. The person must not be deemed mentally incapable of safely handling the weapon after going through an evaluation and vote from the community as a whole. There will not be a small board of community members making this determination to take away ones rights based on their personal thoughts on self protection or political bias. The community vote will determine if the person is safe or not.
G. The citizen must sign a waiver saying that John Titor Space agency, also known as JTSA, and any of their affiliates, partners, suppliers, employees or their friends, family, or acquaintances, or any of the cities with their past, present or future government entities, are NOT liable for any damages that may arise from the intentional or accidental use of this or any other weapon this citizen owns or possesses, or by any actions that anyone else may do using this citizen’s weapon, or by any actions the weapon does “own its own” while within the city limits, and especially within city owned habitats and structures.
H. The citizen must show proof of liability insurance for any weapon that they bring within the city limits “IF” it is in an enclosed city-owned habitat or structure, EXCEPT the entry port building owned by the city which contains lockers for weapon storage. These entry points are the only city owned structures that will not require a license, insurance or city. This being said, all individuals in a city-owned entry port are at their own risk since the weapons are not regulated in this area whatsoever.
I. The citizen does NOT have to show liability insurance for carrying weapons in the city limits, if it is outside city-owned habitats or structures.
J. The city will provide lockers for citizens to store their weapons at a very minimum cost per day for storage, such as $1 per day up to 1 week, or $0.25 per day for long term storage. (prices subject to change).
K. The citizen does not have to show proof of insurance of liability on any weapons if they are stored or carried in their own habitats, or outside any city-owned structure, or anywhere else on Mars, unless some other entity or city has their own rules governing weapons.
L. The citizen may carry less-than-lethal weapons within the city limits and within city-owned habitats and structures if they have a current safety course certificate.
M. There is a magazine limit to how much ammo 1 weapon can hold. The magazine shall not exceed 10,000 rounds.


2 thoughts on “Mars Constitution & Laws

  1. This is just 1 of many of our “Mars Constitution & Laws” and may be edited and changed at anytime, with or without notice. This will be the official location through the years to see the most up to date version. This is a living document.
    The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. If you are in your own private habitat out of the city limits, then you are free to have any weapon you want, other than a wmd. But even if you dont have bad intentions, if you have a normal type gun and it shots through a window and everyone inside dies from the depressurization, then it was not worth taking the chance. Tazer type weapons will most likely be approved in all areas, for self defense (if needed). We dont anticipate problems, but sometimes bad things happen when you lease expect it.

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