Mars City

This will be our first Mars City. For now, we are calling it simply “Mars City” but we will have several other “cities” or colonies, with many other name options. We will update the name at a later time. This is a 10-20 year long term plan so have patience as this website is updated through the years.

Below, you can vote on our laws of our Mars City (you must register on this site, and click the confirmation email in your inbox or spam folder, then come back to login).

These laws/rules will go in effect once we have created our first habitats/city on Mars. These laws are subject to change and may vary greatly from the laws/rules we have when we go there. Later, we may zero-out all votes to only allow official members of Mars City to vote, but for now, we are getting this voting system established.

I really want to promote freedom so the rules/laws will be kept to a minimum, and mostly common sense. I, John Titor, may over-ride a law if it gets away from the original morals & plans that I have for this community. Example, I want it to be illegal to murder, but in the future, if the majority of the community votes to allow murder, I would step in and over-ride that vote. I will use this in only rare circumstances.

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