New Podcast/online radio coming soon

i just had an idea that would help my site be more enjoyable, i’ll add a podcast/online radio playlist. It will have healing music, or other music or podcasts for your enjoyment. I will be asking people to record their own things and i’ll add it to the playlist if i think its something interesting. I will try to focus on space, technology, and maybe ufo’s since people like that. Its not a “conspiracy” website but we will be neutral and try not to judge others if they believe in aliens or not, i just want content and entertainment to make my site better.

Here is our new podcast page!

If someone wants to be a podcast host, contact me in private on twitter @johntitor33621

If you want to record the audio of you talking about “What life on Mars will be like” or something like that, then i’ll simply add the .mp3 file to my playlist on my site.

I’m also making a “voice chat” for John Titor Radio (or JT Radio) which i may change to JT Podcast later on. For now i’ll just have it streaming 24/7 if possible. I’ll add a schedule so you know when different things will be playing.

To join all 32 chat rooms in my Discord chat server, along with the voice chats, download discord from

then come back here and click this invite link here:

I just wanted to give all of you a heads up and so you know of what i’m working on!

thanks for being a patron!

Remember, if you dont want a monthly bill, then you can cancel the subscription but it means a lot to me and helps me bring you great content!

John Titor