Patrons! Get a sneak peak at my tshirt for sale…

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I have a patron/follower/friend that is going to help provide tshirts to sell on my website at and twitter account @JohnTitor33621

The one you see here, is just 1 of many colors and designs we will have.
I will have some with John Titor theme designs, Nikola Tesla designs, Trump, Q, Punisher logo, and anything else that people will want.

I will also try to incorporate them into the Patreon rewards. But, already as a patron you can receive a discount code that you can use on my site. Example, if you donate $50 a month, then you can use that towards $50 off the cost of the shirt. (which may cost about $30). So the remaining $20 value, i will give back to you as a store credit!

I try to provide SOMETHING to you for your donations. I know many Patreon accounts ask for donation and you dont get anything back of value, but I will try to help you since you are helping me!

When you donate monthly, you can either get a discount code for my site or you can contact me in discord and you can receive CNR tokens instead, for your monthly reward!
CNR tokens are a rise-only cryptocurrency, ask me about it in Discord chat to learn more at:

I attached the picture of this t-shirt to this post!