Peace City

Building a Mars city is a long 10-15 year plan, so for now, we will build a community on Earth to design templates, teams, and inventions to create a self sustainable community. We will name this first Earth location “Peace.”

It will basically be a remote location with several cabins, Earth homes, dome homes, tiny homes, or futuristic looking structures, and maybe even giant concrete 3d printed structures. We may use AirBNB or something similar of our own to offer a tourist spot, in addition to bringing in income for our other projects. Anyone can rent a place for a few days, and nearby we will have “community center” buildings for entertainment, workshops, games or other things for people to do. We will also have a “general store” to offer necessities. We are thinking about 1 hour from a large city, somewhere peace and quiet. Eventually, we would have an autonomous “taxi” service from the city to our location so it doesn’t seem too “far” from town. Imagine an ai party bus taxi bringing you and 5-10 other people to our site! Here you can make new friends and learn new things, and get an experience you never had before. We may offer some land and tiny homes for sale for those that can’t get enough of this cool place. Estimated Summer 2021 if everything goes well.

Here you can vote on where we should put this community, and help us design the the laws, rules, and features that we will have in our community.
We will try to do what the community as a whole wants, if possible. We must go by state and local laws. Some of these “laws” or rules, are for entertainment purposes only and subject to change.

We will try to let the community decide the rules, but I, John Titor, may over-ride them at anytime to keep the theme, community, or dream going in a specific direction, although I’ll try to let the community decide.

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