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We plan to organize a team & company to build habitats, businesses and cities on the Moon, Mars, orbiting Earth/Mars/Moon/Jupiter and even planning deep space travel on star ships.

We understand that this is a long-term goal, possibly at least 10 years away, and it will very likely be a one-way ticket for most of us.

If you would like to be involved, on Earth, or when we go to space, you are welcome to join this site. The age limit to volunteer to work with us is 18 years old or older. There is no maximum age limit to go with us. Children will only be permitted once we have the city/structures safe and established. We will not have the same health & knowledge requirements as other space agencies but you understand that it will be a rough ride and some of us will not make it. It is preferred if you are a rocket scientist or engineer of course, but we are building a new city, we will need people to help in all areas. This means, a doctor and janitor are both needed very much.

We will treat everyone with the same respect and promote peace, freedom, and will have solving world hunger, homelessness, stopping abortion & human trafficking, and healing sicknesses as our main goals.  I’m giving everyone the same opportunity to live life to its fullest.