So you earned credits and you want to cash out? Great!

Here are the requirements

1. We will convert the “credits” on this site into USD on this site at anytime upon request.

2. 1 credit = $0.01 USD

3. There is a minimum withdrawal amount of $100 (this may change at any time.)

4. If we notice a glitch in the amount you have earned, we may deduct, cancel, edit or delete some or all credits with or without notice.

5. If we find that you have hacked, your account will be banned and all earnings forfeited.

6. You cannot use multiple accounts to manipulate the site to get paid more. If you do, you risk getting banned and your earnings forfeited.

7. These rules are for all token and wallet types (credits, USD, CNR, CNS, Trx, water, food, shelter, and others.

To request a withdraw, first request to con art credits into USD.

THEN request to cash out the USD into Trx. (TRX are Tron tokens. We will also convert the USD into XRP, BTC or another so that you can accept the cryptocurrency and then sell it, to convert to real cash. We recommend coinbase.com, or Bitpay.

Fill out the form below…

Only put BTC wallet only or you will lose your money
Only put TRX wallet only or you will lose your money
Only put XRP wallet only or you will lose your money
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